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Stephanie Zandieh, MD, FAAP, FCCP, Diplomate ABSM

Focus of Practice: Pediatric Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
  • Undergraduate: NYU Stern School of Business
  • Graduate: Weill Cornell Graduate School
  • Medical School: Sackler School of Medicine
  • Internship: SUNY Buffalo
  • Residencies:

    Pediatrics and Chief Resident @ Albert Einstein Medical College

  • Fellowships:

    Pediatric Pulmonary @ Boston Children's Hospital
    Sleep Medicine @ Boston Children's Hospital

Clinical/Academic Titles:

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Clinical)

Professional Organizations:

American Academy of Pediatrics
American Thoracic Society
American College of Chest Physicians
American Academy of Sleep Medicine

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Board Certifications:

Pediatric Pulmonary
Sleep Medicine