Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About the IDNY

Just as our name implies, we are some to the best independent doctors of New York. We are board–certified physicians, completely independent of managed care contracts, who have earned reputations for excellence in our respective fields and are on staff at the finest New York hospitals.

No. IDNY is a volunteer organization.

  • We work in your best interest and don’t have to follow the “rules” of an HMO.
  • We have no financial incentives for denying you care.
  • We can help you sort out insurance issues and help you maximize your existing care.
  • We treat patients as people with feelings, not “cases” or “costs to the bottom-line”.
To align himself or herself with other physicians who share a common goal – the best possible care for their patients without hindrance from outside forces.

Absolutely Not! Each IDNY physician is expected to refer his or her patients only to other doctors or specialists best suited for their needs, regardless of hospital affiliation or economic consideration.