We Are an Organization of
Independent Physicians

Who We are

IDNY is an association of independent , experienced, board-certified physicians in New York City whose members are not constrained by the regulations of health insurances companies because they are not contractually bound to them. The doctors of IDNY recognize that the relationship between doctor and patient must be based on mutual respect and trust. Our patients know that with IDNY doctors they can count on the highest level of healthcare, uncompromised by outside bureaucratic or financial influences.

Why We Formed

  • It’s getting harder to find the doctor who’s right for YOU
  • Who takes the proper time to listen to YOU
  • Who has readily available, convenient appointments
  • Who carefully explains all available treatment options
  • Who can give unrestricted referrals
  • Who refuses to sign contracts that might restrict the best course of
    treatment for YOU

That’s why we created Independent Doctors  of New York. So Your Needs Come First!

Why Choose the IDNY

Unlimited Treatment Options
As independent doctors, we can perform or recommend any appropriate test, treatment or surgery, and refer you to any doctor or hospital, regardless of location or affiliation. Our only consideration is what is best for YOU.

More Personal Service
We know you and respond to your needs. That means convenient, unhurried appointments and courteous help form our staff. It also means availability on nights and weekends.

We’re Your Health Care Advocates
If you do become seriously ill and require expensive medical treatment, we are in the best position to be your advocates in dealing with third-party payers. We can also provide you with insurance information on affordable alternatives to managed care such as Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) and High-Deductible Indemnity Insurance. We can also tell you how you can best use your managed care “out-of-network” option to cover an independent doctor’s care.

Whether You Need a Family Doctor or Specialist
From preventive care to having a baby, from a sore throat to major surgery, an independent doctor can offer you the most up-to-date, scientifically advanced care available.

We offer options to both patients and practicing independent physicians.

Whether you are Patient

Looking for the best possible options and the most choices for the care you need.

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Or Physician

Network with a group of fellow independent professionals. Learn about navigating the elements the independent practice.

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