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Barbara Bartlik, M.D. is a recognized clinician, teacher, and author in integrative medicine, psychiatry, and sexual health. A graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Bartlik completed a psychiatry residency at New York University Medical Center and is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (in psychiatry), the American Board of Sexology, and the American Board of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Bartlik takes a holistic approach to treatment, emphasizing lifestyle and nutritional strategies, seeking to responsibly minimize the use of pharmaceuticals while optimizing health and well-being. Dr. Bartlik has published numerous scientific articles and textbook chapters. She studied neurology with Dr. Oliver Sacks in medical school and was an associate in the practice of the late sex therapy pioneer, Helen Singer Kaplan. Dr. Bartlik also was an investigator in research studies on female sexual dysfunction. Dr. Bartlik is the first editor of Integrative Sexual Health (2018), the latest volume in the [Dr. Andrew] Weil Integrative Medicine Library, Oxford University Press (2018). She has been recognized as a Distinguished Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Bartlik’s private practice is in Manhattan and also via telemedicine. She has been treating women, men, and couples with emotional problems, sexual dysfunction, and matters of general health and wellness for thirty years. Dr. Bartlik is on the voluntary faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College and New York Presbyterian Hospital.



Non-Pharmacological, Nutritional Therapies, Holistic Medicine, Sexual Health, Integrative Medicine, Psychiatry, Natural Therapies



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University of Hartford

Medical School

Albert Einstein College of Medicine


New York University Medical Center,, Categorical Psychiatry


New York University Medical Center, Psychiatry Residency and Chief Residency (Rockland Division)


New York University Medical Center, Research Psychiatry

Professional Achievements
Board Certifications

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (In Psychiatry)
American Board of Integrative Medicine
American Board of Sexology

Academic Titles

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College
Voluntary Attending in Psychiatry, Lenox Hill Hospital

Professional Organizations

American College of Psychiatrists
American Psychiatric Association


Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association


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